Eternal Passion: Park Hyatt Shanghai's Tribute to 15 Years of Timeless LUXURY

2023/11/8 10:20:35
As Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai celebrates its 15th anniversary, guests were wined and dined, immersing themselves in exclusive activities that define luxury and innovation SHANGHAI, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai has commemorated its 15 years of epitomizing luxury hospitality by unveiling the "Eternal Passion" theme, providing celebratory activations tailored for its esteemed guests and the vibrant community it calls home. Among the honored guests were Mr. Hiroo Mori, Director and Executive Vice President of Mori Building Co., Ltd., Mr. Makoto Ohara, Director and Executive Vice President of Mori Hospitality Corporation, Mr. Akihiro Ohno, CEO of Shanghai Hills Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Mr. David Udell, Group President of Asia Pacific Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Mr. Andreas Stalder, Senior Vice President F&B Operations and Product Development of Asia Pacific Hyatt Hotels Corporation. For the 15th anniversary celebration, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai offered a series of exclusive services to guests aligning with the brand's ethos of cultured, exceptional, and quietly confident luxury. Chinese executive Chef Young Yang, who worked with Executive Sous Chefs Marco Erba and Penny He, designed the event menu. And with the support of the guest Chef Josephine Loke from Park\ Hyatt\ Suzhou, they provided a series of delicacies with seasonal ingredients that encapsulate the essence of Park Hyatt's luxury. Delicacies such as fish maw "xiao long bao" with double boiled chicken soup, wild mushrooms raviolo, steamed yellow croaker with chicken Sichuan pepper oil, butter aged M7 Wagyu ribcap all promised guests an immersive sensory journey. Beyond the gastronomic experience, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai is proud to further honor its 15-year journey by unveiling unique art installations that employ leather regeneration and classic photo collage techniques. Each artwork stands as a tribute to the city's rich heritage, intricately weaving past recollections with anticipations of future splendors.   "As we celebrate 15 years of Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai's enduring legacy, our hearts are filled with immense pride and gratitude," says Mr. Jannis Bahr, General Manager at Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai. "The 'Eternal Passion' campaign aptly captures our hotel's spirit, symbolizing our dedication to luxury, innovation, and unparalleled excellence. Our success story has been shaped by the continued support and trust of our esteemed guests, committed staff, and valued partners. As we look to the future, our commitment to innovation stands unwavering. Whether through avant-garde dining concepts or tailor-made guest services, we aim to set industry standards and remain ahead of the curve. We will continue to push boundaries, reinventing ourselves while staying rooted in the timeless values that define Park Hyatt." For global travelers seeking the exceptional, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai stands as a beacon of refined luxury. The hotel has been honored as the China Gold List Award of Condé Nast Traveler, the Best Boutique Hotel of Huren Report in China, the Travel Leisure China's Top 100 Hotels, and the Best D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels Best Landmark Hotel. The hotel's commitment to cultured, exceptional, and quietly confident luxury is evident in every detail of its services, from quality food and beverage to guest care and social responsibility. Opened in 2019 with the magnificent backdrop of Lujiazui and the Bund, the Dining Room of Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai has been honored as the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide - One Diamond and the MICHELIN Guide Shanghai "Selected Restaurant". Moreover, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai, in line with Hyatt Hotels Corporation's mission of caring for people so they can be their best, offers guests a wide range of pampering experiences, including specialized spa and treatment programs. Guests not only enjoy their stay, but also feel truly valued and energized at the end of their journey. In addition to providing a world-class guest experience, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai also adheres to Hyatt's strategy of "World of Care" and has adopted a series of initiatives, such as sustainable food ingredient, active food waste program and biodegradable food packaging and energy saving, which demonstrate the hotel's efforts towards environmental, social and governance causes and its determination to move towards an environmentally friendly luxury hotel. Situated on the 79th to 93rd floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai, designed by the award-winning New York-based Chinese designer Mr. Tony Chi and his company, blends grandeur with the comfort of a home and incorporates elements of traditional Chinese geometry and architecture. The hotel stands out with its diverse culinary offerings and distinctive event spaces, providing guests with an exquisite "home away from home" experience. In celebration of this significant milestone, Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai is extending a special invitation to guests. Guests can enjoy the 15th anniversary exclusive offers including rooms and cuisines. To reserve experience or learn more about its anniversary specials, please visit or contact the reservations team at +86 21 6888 1234 or About Park\ Hyatt\ ShanghaiSpanning the 79th through 93rd floors of the Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC), Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai is a sophisticated modern-Chinese residence combining true sophistication with understated luxury interior design, offering guests a romantic and unforgettable "reaching for the stars" experience. To preserve the quality of the products and the level of service and attention to detail, the number of guestrooms has been limited to 173. The standard rooms measure from 55 square meters (592 square feet), coupled with a generous 3.1-meter ceiling height. Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai is also equipped with signature Chinese and Western restaurants, multifunction event spaces, Water's Edge Spa and fitness center for a personalized well-being experience. Embark on a journey of refined "home away from home" at Park\ Hyatt\ Shanghai. Encounter world-renowned artworks and designs. Experience residential-style hospitality and personalized services.